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Construction Innovation Forum and the NOVA Awards

The CIF presents the NOVA Awards annually to innovations that have proven to improve quality and reduce costs of construction. The CIF website is a primary resource for learning about innovations that define the state-of-the-art of construction practice. Its resources include the following:

  • NOVA Award Nominations - View, download, print, and distribute this year's nominations for the NOVA Awards
  • Innovation Celebration Banquet - Purchase tickets for the NOVA Awards banquet this coming March
  • NOVA Award Mock Jury Kit - The CIF invites university and professional groups to form a NOVA Awards Mock Jury to screen nominations the same as the regular NOVA Awards Jury
  • Nomination Database - Search by keyword the unique CIF database of over 330 innovations nominated for the NOVA Award
  • NOVA Award Suggestion and Nomination Forms - Tell the CIF about a recent innovation you have developed or used that you believe should be nominated for the NOVA Award. 

The NOVA Award was developed by and is in the care of Construction Engineering and Management Faculty at the University of Michigan. Michigan students hold NOVA Award Mock Juries each year, and the national NOVA Awards Jury selects NOVA Award winners based on investigations by faculty of the University of Michigan and other universities.

Civil Engineering Research Foundation 

  • Innovation Centers advance the acceptance and use of innovative technologies in construction. Innovations can be searched by keyword.
  • Charles Pankow Award for Innovation - CERF recognizes organizations who collaborate on innovative approaches and stimulates the development of original and creative concepts for construction practice.

Construction Industry Institute: Emerging Construction Technologies

This website describes emerging civil, mechanical, electrical, and other technologies that could have high impact on the construction industry. 

National Research Council of Canada: Construction Innovation

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