Report of Unsafe Acts and Conditions


The Report provides an easy way to record unsafe acts and conditions found on a construction site. Accompanying it are instructions and an example that describe and illustrate its use. Standardized descriptors describe site conditions, potential accident or injury, number of people affected, seriousness, cause, source, recommended fix, and actual fix. Accident/injury descriptors coincide with nationally reported construction accident/injury classes. Standardized abbreviations provide a shorthand way to describe and classify observations. They are also useful for recording, analyzing, transmitting, and reporting data in a computer database.

Anyone can use the Report including journeymen, foremen, superintendents, and project managers; employed by anyone including prime contractors; subcontractors, owners, architects, and engineers; on any type of construction site. It may be used by those with authority over the work. Others may use it to describe unsafe acts and conditions and alert supervision of their existence. Recording the actual fix (or lack of fix) documents actions taken to remove unsafe acts and conditions.

This file contains the following:

The Report is part of the effort of the Safety Action Group of the Labor, Owner, Contractor Summit of Southeast Michigan. The authors welcome feedback (including samples) from users and suggestions for improvement.


Robert I. Carr, Ph.D., P.E..
Professor of Civil Engineering
Department of Civil and Environmental
2340 G. G. Brown
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2125
(734) 764-9420 Fax: 764-4292

Forrest A. Henry
Assistant Executive Vice President
Associated General Contractors of America
Greater Detroit Chapter, Inc.
23999 Northwestern Highway, Suite 150
Southfield, MI 48075-2579
(248) 948-7000 Fax: 948-7008


1998 by R. I. Carr and F. A. Henry. The Report of Unsafe Acts and Conditions may be freely printed, copied, and used.

Adobe Acrobat file of 26 Kb requires Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded below.

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